Virtual Assistant

Virtual presenter of your product.

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The mini virtual assistant is a mini human shaped acrylic screen that promotes your product or brand from a counter or shelf. It is easy to use, plug and play, and convenient. Unlike the large sized version, this one can introduce your products one by one from a counter or table top. It can provide a detailed description of various features of the products so that customers can have a greater understanding of what is offered.

The mini virtual assistant is quite useful for any retail or departmental store’s counter, table top or shelves to attract the customers to purchase a product, deliver a message or provide instructions. It is also more effective than an actual person because it can deliver an effective communication without tiring or stuttering and it can continue its messages for long hours.


  • We can develop and record your video contents using your choice of model to create the mini virtual assistant.

    Ideas for Clients

    Mini virtual assistant can promote company brand and products from counters and desks. The shape of the mini virtual presenter can also be customized to the need of your company and industry, whether you want it to be a person or a product.


  • Mini Acrylic Human shape
  • Special Projector (400 lumens or higher for best effect)
  • Video Contents



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