• Product13Product13

    Touch Foil

    Apply the Touch Foil directly to the glass and mount or stick your projection screen or film behind it to make an interactive projection display.

  • Product8Product8

    3D hologram showcase

    It can be very attractive to the customers and instantly create a wow effect. It can show a 3D video or a visual effect of the product, brand logo, etc. For an exhibit or trade show, you can put it right in the middle to make it the center of attraction.

    It’s a great new tool for retail shops to attract customers through high-tech 3D moving hologram of its product or brand logo. The 3D object can be a building, a globe, a human being, a car, a gold ring, a watch, a mobile phone, a soda can, a logo, anything that can be modelled using 3D visual effects software.

    We can develop and create an animated 3D visual effect using your product’s images or logo to enliven your exhibits and make you clearly distinctive from the rest.

    Ideas for Clients
    You can also create a cool effect by putting the showcase behind a road-side window to attract passers by and get them inside your store. For an exhibit or trade show, you can put it right in the middle to make it the center of attraction


  • Product7Product7

    Transparent video showcase

    it’s a great tool for retail shops of jewelry, mobile phones, watch, shoes, beverages, even clothing stores and departmental stores to attract customers through high-tech showcasing of its products.

  • Product6Product6

    Rear Glass Projection

    The rear projection film is the perfect solution for road-side shops, window displays and in-store exhibitions. The display allows viewers to see through the screen. When a presentation is displayed, the screen produces a vivid and bright image.

  • Product5Product5

    Mini Virtual Product

    The mini virtual product comes in a customized product shape to wow your customers. Whatever you are selling- soda or milk, soap or shampoo, butter or chocolate, fragrance or cosmetics, biscuits or ice cream, anything can be shaped and promoted. The animated images pop out at customers and come alive to impress and engage them with your products.

  • Product4Product4

    Virtual Assistant

    The mini virtual assistant is a mini human shaped acrylic screen that promotes your product or brand from a counter or shelf. It is easy to use, plug and play, and convenient. Unlike the large sized version, this one can introduce your products one by one from a counter or table top. It can provide a detailed description of various features of the products so that customers can have a greater understanding of what is offered.

    The mini virtual assistant is quite useful for any retail or departmental store’s counter, table top or shelves to attract the customers to purchase a product, deliver a message or provide instructions. It is also more effective than an actual person because it can deliver an effective communication without tiring or stuttering and it can continue its messages for long hours.


  • We can develop and record your video contents using your choice of model to create the mini virtual assistant.

    Ideas for Clients

    Mini virtual assistant can promote company brand and products from counters and desks. The shape of the mini virtual presenter can also be customized to the need of your company and industry, whether you want it to be a person or a product.


  • Mini Acrylic Human shape
  • Special Projector (400 lumens or higher for best effect)
  • Video Contents


  • Borno2borno-2

    Android Games

    Educational and entertaining mobile games for kids and teens.
    Brief description: Android games are one of the latest technologies to promote brands by making users playing games with fun, excitement or education.

  • mUntitled-3

    Android Apps

    Daily life mobile applications.
    Brief description: This technology allows users to be used to with the applications in their daily
    lives which create strong brand connection.