Multi-touch Table

Touch screen table with all in one PC.

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Multi-touch Table is a high quality touch screen monitors setup as a table. Its a all-in-one PC supporting standard Operating Systems such as Windows and Linux. It also has USB connecting facilities along with networking features such as WiFi, Ethernet, 3G.

Multi-touch table can be used with applications for products display and browsing in retail mainly real-estate, bank branches, jewellery, and other product presentations through 3D visual effects. The rich application suite has easy customization tools. HD LED display provides amazing clarity. Its completely hassle free and works out of the box. It also consumes 60% less power compared to other surface computers.

  • We can develop and create an catalog of applications using your product’s images or logo to enliven your exhibits and make you awesomely different from your competitors. We can also create fun and educational applications using this technology for kids and adults alike.
  • Ideas for Clients
    Multi-touch System are best choices for real-estate events, bank branches and other retail driven products. Multi-touch System can be used to share the information/pictures with many audience and people can join together in one Multi-touch System at real time. It can make an amazing experience indoor or outdoor.


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