• Outdoor LED Display

    Customized LED Display

    Widely used in the shopping centers or events for advertising. High quality
    LED display made for outdoors.

  • Customized LED Display

    Customized LED Display

    We are capable of creating any kind of high quality customizable LED of
    exclusive shapes and sizes.

  • Indoor Led Display

    Indoor Led Display

    Indoor LED designs are key parts of the growing effort to modernize
    buildings. TechnoMagic Pvt. Ltd. indoor LED screen is manufactured using
    the highest quality LED components, offering stunning brightness, contrast
    and color reproduction.

  • Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant/Presenter

    The virtual assistant is a human shaped acrylic screen that promotes your product or brand from
    a counter or shelf. It is easy to use, plug and play, and convenient. Unlike the large sized version,
    this one can introduce your products one by one from a counter or table top. It can provide a
    detailed description of various features of the products so that customers can have a greater
    understanding of what is offered.
    It can contain deliver product related messages, question-answers, communication, etc.