• Digital Interactive Whiteboard

    Digital Interactive Whiteboard

    An interactive whiteboard is an ideal classroom or boardroom technology through which a
    single user or multiple users can write or draw anything on the whiteboard using only the
    fingers or inkless e-pen or e-pointers. Interactive whiteboard connects with a standard PC or
    Laptop through a USB cable and displays the output of a computer projected on the whiteboard
    through a projector.

  • Interactive Floor

    Interactive Floor

    Our interactive projection software enables you to convert any projection surface or display in
    to a fully interactive floor or interactive wall. Perfect for events! Any person can be engaged in
    an unforgettable experience by interacting with the applications in the floor.

  • Interactive Wall

    Interactive Wall

    An interactive wall or window display is a great way to physically
    engage audiences and customers during experiential marketing
    activations, or as permanent retail displays. We’ll help you create
    opportunities for people to explore new products, see themselves
    inside virtual environments, and enjoy a unique and personal