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    Creative LED Display


    Creative LED Display:

    Sphere Display:

    Classification:Sphere LED Display


    Pixel Composition:1R1G1B


    Brightness:≥ 1500 nits

    Application:Museum Planetarium Exhibition Sports Stadium Airport Hotel Railway Station Shopping Mall Bar and etc

    sphere led 1sphere led 3sphere led 4

    Cubic Display:

    Classification: Cubic Display


    Pixel Composition:1R1G1B


    Brightness:≥ 1600 nits

    Application:Show room Museum Exhibition Airport Shopping mall hotel this kind places.

    cube 3cube 4

    Can Display:

    Classification:LED Can Display


    Pixel Composition:1R1G1B



    Pop can shaped 360 degree LED display can be used both indoor and outdoor, typically widely used in the shopping centers or events for advertising. It can also be applied in science and technology museums, galleries, lounges, hotels, high-speed railway stations, subway stations, bars and many other places. New pattern of manifestation makes this type of cylinder LED display show strong visual impact on audience.

    Triangle Display:

    Classification:LED Triangle Display


    Pixel Composition:1R1G1B


    Brightness:≥ 1600 nits

    Application:Science and technology museum Galleries Lounges Hotels Shopping malls Bars and other places.

    can display 1can display 3

    Logo Display:

    Classification:LOGO LED Display


    Pixel Composition:1R1G1B


    Brightness:≥1600 nits

    Application:Widely used in Office premise Enterprise building Landmark building Landscape lighting Train station Airport or other outdoor environment.

    logo led 3logo led

    Circular Display:

    Classification:LED Circular Display


    Pixel Composition:1R1G1B


    Brightness:≥ 7500 nits

    Application:Entertainment Night clubs Hotels Restaurants Shopping malls and Playground facilities

    Cylindrical Display:

    Classification:Cylindrical LED Display


    Pixel Composition:1R1G1B


    Brightness:≥ 800 nits

    Application:Show room Museum Exhibition Airport Shopping mall hotel.etc. this kind of places.

    circular led 1circular led 3

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    Advertising LED Display

    Advertising LED Display:

    Indoor/Outdoor Fixed LED:

    Classification:Indoor / Outdoor Fixed LED Display


    Pixel Composition:1R1G1B


    Product Features:

    * Easy Maintenance : designed with easy assembly and installation

    * Wide viewing angle : Patented design module mask with 120°/ 120° viewing  perfect angle and good flatness.

    * Environment friendly: 20% power saving to protect environment and saving your cost

    * Seamless Assembly: Processed by electric-mechanical machining with the accuracy to 0.1mm.

    * Long using-life: high quality components patent circuit board design for display to ensure the using-life.

    * Convenient :

    1.Multiplied file formats, such as AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB are comprehensive, and  display mode as VGA+VIDE and VGA.

    2.Display all kinds of word, text, graph, picture, video, 2-dimensional, 3- dimensional animation and  TV and VCD other information with your PC does synchronously.

    3.Compatible with a variety of signal source input, such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, DP, etc.



    Applied in Entertainment complexes, Hotel conference room, Restaurants, Showrooms, Casinos, Government facilities, Theaters, Retail outlets, Traffic control room, Security monitoring room, Stage background, HD cinema, Shopping malls, Railway stations, Airports, Shopping malls, Sports Stadium, Outdoor Signage and advertisement, Entertainment centers, Building facilities, Community centers, Amusement parks, Auto Parts and Maintenance shops etc. and other indoor / outdoor advertising places.


    Indoor/Outdoor Rental LED Display

    Classification:Outdoor Rental LED Display


    Pixel Composition:1R1G1B


    Product Features:

    * For both fixed and rental use

    * Creative locking system design makes fast assembling and disassembling

    * Seamless connection to achieve the perfect video effect

    * Structural heat dissipation, noise free

    * 500×1,000mm sized panel for random combination

    * Die-casting aluminum frame design


    Applied in Rental of stage device, Entertainment center, Theater, Outdoor advertisement, Stage shows, Concerts and etc.


  • Product8Product8

    3D hologram showcase

    It can be very attractive to the customers and instantly create a wow effect. It can show a 3D video or a visual effect of the product, brand logo, etc. For an exhibit or trade show, you can put it right in the middle to make it the center of attraction.

    It’s a great new tool for retail shops to attract customers through high-tech 3D moving hologram of its product or brand logo. The 3D object can be a building, a globe, a human being, a car, a gold ring, a watch, a mobile phone, a soda can, a logo, anything that can be modelled using 3D visual effects software.

    We can develop and create an animated 3D visual effect using your product’s images or logo to enliven your exhibits and make you clearly distinctive from the rest.

    Ideas for Clients
    You can also create a cool effect by putting the showcase behind a road-side window to attract passers by and get them inside your store. For an exhibit or trade show, you can put it right in the middle to make it the center of attraction


  • Product7Product7

    Transparent video showcase

    it’s a great tool for retail shops of jewelry, mobile phones, watch, shoes, beverages, even clothing stores and departmental stores to attract customers through high-tech showcasing of its products.

  • Product6Product6

    Rear Glass Projection

    The rear projection film is the perfect solution for road-side shops, window displays and in-store exhibitions. The display allows viewers to see through the screen. When a presentation is displayed, the screen produces a vivid and bright image.