• dgo1dgo1

    Duranta Go

    We NUI Game to Pran-RFL Group to promote its brand new bicycle DURANTA from its pavilion in DITF 2017. This game was integrated to one of their brand new bicycles so a rider could operate the bicycle inside the store and virtually travel through the animated world of games.

  • wheel2wheel

    Fortune of Wheel


    TechnoMagic provided Virtual Wheel of Fortune Game to SSLCOMMERZ to promote its partner
    merchants from its pavilion with various discount offers and gift items. This game was integrated to one
    of their gift stocks so a player could play for items which were in stock ensuring each player getting a gift
    from the wheel.

  • leapleap

    NUI games




    An NUI game is a type of user interface games that is designed to feel as natural as possible to the user. The goal of an NUI is to create seamless interaction between the human and machine, making the game much more interesting.