TechnoMagic as a sister concern of Dezana is starting up as the next gen digital technology company that aims to bring cutting edge solutions to Bangladesh and engage the consumers in an unforgettable experience through partnership with companies such as TouchMagix, RichTech, etc.
Dezana Enterprise has been importing electronics goods from Chinese markets for close to 10 years and have many business relations and contacts to genuine electronics manufacturer.
TechnoMagic will harvest the greatest technologies from the electronics world and employ local talents to design, develop and deploy its own solutions through creativity, innovation, research and development.

100+ Product sold and Rented

20+ Product and Technology

20+  Company as Customers

Message from Chairman

We are pleased to introduce TechnoMagic Pvt. Ltd., a young but dynamic and forward

looking company in Bangladesh to serve our rapidly growing businesses, media and academic

community by providing the latest and cutting-edge technology solutions.

TechnoMagic is here to offer interactive media solutions of communication and create user engagement

in such a way that helps entertain customers, promote businesses, advertise products/services, deliver

special messages, create awareness and educate.

TechnoMagic looks forward to playing a proactive role in the growth and development of economic and

business activity in Bangladesh through the usage of modern technology.


TechnoMagic Pvt Ltd.

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