The Latest technological solutions

We are bringing cutting edge solutions in Bangladesh as soon as it’s invented!

Gesture Sensor based solutions

Along with touch sensors we are working with gesture sensors, leap motions, kinect etc to create amusement.

Unique & overwhelming way of customer attraction

We help you to attract your clients with unforgettable and amazing experiences.

3D Animation

Create a new view for your customers through animation

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Augmented reality

with augmented reality users can combine the reality with virtual objects which obviously...

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Expand your business to infinite space through VR

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What Makes Us The Best?


We combine a group of young people who are expert in and crazy for work.


We are efficient and giving our clients the maximum with minimum wasted effort.


We feel our clients’ needs and urgency and try to serve them the best.

Excellent Service

We have many happy clients and we try to serve them at our level best.


We are young, energetic, and enthusiastic. We are ready to serve you.


We entertain our clients to help them entertaining their clients.

Make your outdoor branding with Advanced Technology
  • Augmented Reality
  • Games
  • Interactive Wall/Floor
  • LED Display
Make your Indoor Events unique
  • 3D Mapping
  • Interactive Wall/Floor
  • 3D Hologram Showcase
  • Kiosk
  • Transparent Video Showcase

Unique solutions for unique ideas

Renowned brands are using these latest technologies for customer engagement all over the world!

What more we offer

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Animated Content Development

TechnoMagic has expertise to develop 2D and 3D animated contents for corporate and brands based on their requirements.TechnoMagic has been developing Shiki Aana, a 3D animated TV Series for kids and teenagers which will be broadcasted nationally in Bangladesh.Its main story is set in medieval times of Greater Bengal with elements and themes of Fantasy & Magic, Teenage Superhero, Humor & Comedy, Action-adventure, etc. It also touches upon children’s character development arcs such as, Developing friendship, Becoming a responsible adult, Doing Selflessness deeds and Heroism.


Virtual Reality (VR) Applications & Games

TechnoMagic can develop Virtual Reality (VR) based applications and games for corporate and brands.TechnoMagic has an in-house development team who can create experiences of global standards. Being an end-to-end solutions provider, we work together with partners and their customers to understand their requirements and deliver mesmerizing experiences to our level best.


Augmented Reality (AR) Applications & Games


TechnoMagic has expertise in Augmented Reality Applications. This can be for mobile application r Augmented media screen to attract customers and engage them deeply with the brand. Augmented Reality is now one of the latest technologies and this can be used for any business sectors as a means of brand awareness and customer attraction. Augmented reality application can be used for medical sector, real estate business, telecommunication sector, educational sectors, even agricultural sectors and anywhere. Augmented media screen can be used in any corporate events or festivals to attract visitor or create customer crowd.


Mobile App

Mobile applications are now the daily life thing without what we can’t think our daily work or personal life. The demand for the android phones and iphones are increasing day by day. One of the main reasons behind this demand is exciting mobile android apps. Smart phone apps are smoothing our daily life. Smartphone’s apps also add lots of fun in our life. These are the most trending business tools as well. TechnoMagic has expertise in developing android or ios mobile applications.


Sensor based Application

We work with different sensor based applications for business and entertainment purpose. We work with gesture sensors, leap motion sensors, kinect sensor applications, and IR/capacitive touch sensor based products. We are working with Interactive Wall and Floor systems to entertain crowd in any events.


Have Questions?

What products/solutions can I use for Indoor Events?

Make your indoor events very attractive and different from others by using interactive solutions like Interactive Wall, Interactive Floor, Interactive Display Kiosk, Information Display Kiosk, Augmented Media Screen, Transparent LCD Showcase, Hologram Box, or 3D Projection Mapping.

How can I attract Customers in Outdoor Events?

For outdoor branding or customer attraction at outdoor you can use LED display, Kiosk, Gesture Sensor Based Games, Augmented Media Screen etc. Give your customers an unforgettable experience with advanced and Interactive solutions. Make a huge crowd in your event and engage the visitors deeply with your brand.

Which solutions can I take for rent from TechnoMagic?

We provide Information Display Kiosk, Interactive Wall and Interactive Floor as rented service.

What type of applications can I develop for mobile device?

We can develop any applications for your Android or iOS mobile devices. You can develop application suitable for your business and according to your product features for the purpose of customer service, ecommerce solution, product branding etc.

How can I make my Android app different from others?

We help developing your application unique with attractive features and technologies which may include AR effect, 3D models, 360 degree angle movement etc. Your applications will be smooth, bug free, easy to operate, attractive UI and customer friendly.

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